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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you supply other Nettex Agricultural, Fly Repellent, Sweet Itch or Equine Products? - Yes, we can supply any products from the Net-tex catalogue, or listed on the Net-tex Industries website.

What if I don't have a Paypal acount? - When paying you can opt just to pay with a Credit/Debit card. If you are still having problems email with your phone number and we will contact you.

Is it possible to contact you by telephone? - The best time to phone is in the evening. (02920892828) By far the best way to contact us is by email(usually answered within an hour).

Will you beat any price for the products that you sell? - We will beat any price from another company including P&P that we can independently verify.

Will you post products overseas? - We will post any of the products that we supply to anywhere in the world. However, postage charges can be quite high and you will need to email for a quote.

Why is the postage cost so high for Brewers Yeast?   - Brewers Yeast Powder is quite heavy. The best way to purchase it is in large quantities from 6K up to 25K as the postage is never more than £8.50 Email for a quote.

Why has the brewers yeast just increased in price? - Our supplier has just raised their prices to us. Unfortunately prices have risen significantly because believe it or not there is a world shortage. We could buy cheaper yeast but prefer to use and sell Premium quality yeast. We are confident that you will not be able to buy Brewers Yeast of this quality cheaper elsewhere.

I have heard that feeding horses a marmite sandwich everyday will help control Sweet Itch. Does it work? - One of the main ingredients in Marmite is Brewer's yeast. Many people say it works because it helps to keep midges and other flies away. But it is simpler and cheaper to put brewers yeast in the food. (mind you our horse Arab loves marmite - our cob hates it)

How much does it cost to feed a 450 kilogram horse Brewer's yeast powder everyday? - You feed approximately 25grams for every 450kilograms in bodyweight. 6kilos of yeast costs £43.50 including delivery, that works out at about 18p per day. For best results feed brewers yeast throughout the winter to prepare your horse for the summer season.

How quickly do you have to use Brewer's yeast? - If it is kept in a cool dry place it will last about 18 months.

What other benefits are there from feeding Brewer's Yeast as a supplement? - It should be fed to pregnant and lactating mares. It will help to calm nervous or highly strung horses or ponies. For more detailed information click on this link.